Sperrins Outdoor Recreation Plan

Feasibility and Scoping Studies

The Challenge

To prepare a framework for the sustainable development, management and promotion of future outdoor recreation facilities and opportunities within the Sperrins region, accommodating both the needs of the local community and visitors to the area.

The Role


• Review and record all current outdoor recreation provision in the Sperrins
• Carry out extensive consultation with key stakeholders
• Utilise our expertise and other best practice to identify areas for further
development within the next 5-10 years

The Results

A detailed Outdoor Recreation Action Plan was produced which provides strategic direction for the Sperrins Outdoor Recreation Forum for the future development in the AONB.

Key recommendations included:

• Creation of one management body
• Enhancement of mountain bike product
• Development of a premier walking destination
• Development of recreation hubs
• Empowering community led development


“The insight and understanding that ORNI staff brought to the process has produced a Plan that has been well received by Councils and communities in the area and will continue to be a very relevant document for a number of years”.
Mike McClure, Outdoor Recreation Development Officer, Sport Northern Ireland