Northern Ireland Outdoor Recreation Research

Client: Northern Ireland Environment Agency & SportNI (Strategic Partners)

The Challenge

To develop of a quantitative baseline for outdoor recreation in Northern Ireland

The Role

To deliver the following components:

Objectives & Scope

  • Clarify the objectives of the research (based on how the results will be used, by whom and for what purpose)
  • Scope out priority topics/questions to include
  • Consider other factors eg. frequency of sampling, costs etc


Best practice

  • Review and compare surveys in England, Scotland and Wales


Situation in Northern Ireland

  • Identify and review existing continuous population surveys with questions relating to the outdoors/recreation/participation such as the CHS and Health Survey
  • Review other previous surveys in Northern Ireland
  • Consider how the research will coexist/complement other Northern Ireland level research data



  • Consult with key stakeholders
  • Consult with other organisations with an interest or expertise including Queens University, NISRA, private research agencies



  • Examine the appropriate data collection methods to carry out the research eg. continuous surveys, omnibus
  • Research considerations eg sample design and sample size, recruitment questions



  • Consider question type
  • Draft up research questions



  • Put forward options for methodology and approach
  • Put forward options for tendering
  • Assess these in terms of cost, how well they meet the research objectives etc



  • Recommend approach and associated costs