Blueways Ireland Development Project

Client: Sport Ireland, Waterways Ireland, Failte Ireland

The Challenge

To establish structures, processes and guidelines to ensure Blueways in Ireland are sustainable, safe and of a consistent quality.

The Role


  • Conduct a review of international best practice to make recommendation relating to development, management and promotion of water trails
  • Make recommendations on a suitable structure to co-ordinate and manage Blueways in Ireland
  • Define the development pathway for all Blueway developers and produce a Blueway Development & Management Guide which gives clear guidance on Concept, Feasibility, Technical Standards, Funding, Maintenance, Auditing, Promotion & Monitoring for Blueways in Ireland

Project Partners

Project Steering Group:

  • Sport Ireland
  • Waterways Ireland
  • Failte Ireland
  • Sport Northern Ireland
  • Tourism Northern Ireland