ORNI Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

20th March 2020


Updated 24/03/2020

At Outdoor Recreation Northern Ireland (ORNI), we pride ourselves in delivering a high-quality level of service for our funders, stakeholders and clients.

The recent ongoing global crisis regarding COVID – 19 / Coronavirus will provide a massive challenge to all businesses in Northern Ireland.  The ORNI team has rallied to put steps in place to continue to provide the highest level of service whilst:

  • Complying with latest Government Guidance (constantly evolving)
  • Protecting our staff and their families
  • Safeguarding our funders, stakeholders and clients

There is little doubt the way we do things is going to change and that our stakeholders will experience some level of inconvenience, we believe it is unfair to suggest otherwise. However, we’ve put the following steps into place to minimise this, and we’ll keep you up to date as and when Government Guidance changes.



In line with Government guidance, all of the ORNI Team will be working from home for the foreseeable future. However, our IT systems and software have allowed us transition easily during this period. We can access email and all of our files remotely.



  • All of our staff are contactable via email
  • You can leave a phone message for all staff members via the main office telephone +44(0)2890 303930
  • Some staff members are contactable via mobile phone
  • We can facilitate both Teleconference and Video conference

Staff Contact Details

Our staff are committed to delivering on our objectives but will also have to balance commitments of childcare and caring for other vulnerable friends and family. As such we may not be working traditional hours, but we will make every effort to engage with you at a convienient time.



The ORNI Office is closed completely as of 24/03/2020.



ORNI will be exercising guidance regarding social distancing, therefore we have taken the decision to postpone all training events, public consultations and the Giant’s Causeway Coast Sportive.

Further information will be made available as we revise our plans.



We have cancelled all travel outside of Ireland and will severely restrict all travel, making only the most essential journeys.